Jeannine Bryant

Like many other businesses, Changing Spaces SRS also started because the founders encountered a problem with no real solution.

Back in 2008, sisters Linda and Kelley downsized their parents from a farmhouse outside the city to a smaller townhome in Lincoln.

After they finished the long process, they realized two things.

One, the process is extremely hard and time-consuming. And two, there have to be other families in similar shoes who need assistance.

After all, kids can’t always be present to move their parents out. Yet, the elderly are still going to need help in that area.

And after the sisters had these realizations, Changing Spaces SRS was born.

My name is Jeannine Bryant. I’ve been with the company since 2010 and have been the majority owner since 2014.

Every day, I look at how blessed I am. 

It’s not just that I get to work for such a fantastic company, or that I get to help so many incredible people, I also feel blessed because I get to learn from these elders of society and hear some of the wisdom they have to pass down.

Every new client and every new face makes for such a rewarding experience. And, that’s why coming to work is such a pleasure.

A Background with the Elderly

In 2010, a year after the company launched, I bought shares in Changing Spaces SRS.

It was certainly a risk, especially for someone who likes to play it safe. However, I couldn’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

I have always had a gift and passion for working with the elderly.

Growing up in a small town in North Dakota, I was very close to my family. My grandparents on both sides were only a couple of miles away.

They were like a second and third set of parents.

Not only that, we had my great aunt and uncle nearby as well. It was just natural for my brother and me to be around older people. Every holiday and event, they were right there with us. And that’s definitely a connection that has always stuck with me.

So, when I saw the business that Linda and Kelley created, it seemed perfect for me to get involved.

I jumped on board, and we focused on growing the business. 

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

But regardless of how much you grow, it’s really the people you do it with that make this experience so enjoyable.

A Lasting Connection

To this day, for example, I’ll never forget my first-ever clients – Marlo and Jean. They are perfect examples of how wonderful the people of Lincoln are.

They were downsizing to a townhome, which is a challenging process.

Especially deciding what to hold on to comes with a lot of difficulties. After all, many items and assets come with special memories.

I remember sitting at the feet of this couple and making these decisions with them. It’s like a retrospective of their life, and it was so cool to hear what they had to say and learn about the meaning behind everything.

This was one of those defining moments that made me realize that I chose the right profession for me.

My former business partners retired and moved out of state in 2014, leaving me to jump in and become the sole owner of the company.  I’ve enjoyed this new role and continue to appreciate the process.

At the end of the day, it truly is the people of the great city of Lincoln that make Changing Spaces SRS what it is. Lincoln is the perfect place for our business and the community of this town has greatly benefitted our company.

We all feel beyond blessed to be a part of this ecosystem and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

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