Shane Davidson

When you invest in your health, it’s amazing what the body can do.

My family has been going to the chiropractor as far back as I can remember. Those visits were life-changing for my dad, and they actually saved my grandfather’s life. My eyes were opened once I realized there were bigger things at play than simple neck and back adjustments.

In that moment, I realized I wanted to go into the same field of work. I’ve always sought out being an entrepreneur, but I also wanted to serve my community in ways that would help people live healthier, happier lives.

But how would I open the eyes of would-be patients to see beyond common misconceptions of a chiropractor visit? Answering that question proved to be one of the greatest hurdles in my long journey in opening NOVO Chiropractic. 

Educating the public

My biggest challenge throughout the entire process was communicating with people how a chiropractor can change their lives.

We all know eating tons of sugar and fast food is hurting our body, right? Everybody knows exercise and eating healthy is good for the body. But nobody knows how important it is to get a spine adjustment on a regular basis. 

The truth is, it’s hard to invest in things when you don’t fully understand them. It took me about six years to understand what that meant, and it was a game-changer once I got it. That knowledge and information is something I want to share with the rest of the world.

People judge their health by how they feel, but most don’t know that’s only 20 percent of their body. Some go to bed feeling perfectly fine and die from a heart attack the next morning.

It’s my mission to help fix the underlying issues people might not notice. 

I want my patients to live life to the fullest without their health dictating what their future holds for them.

Because as we all know, tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us.

True purpose of a chiropractor

I want people to understand the importance of getting your body completely connected so your brain can communicate with everything more efficiently. If your body is stressed, it can’t operate properly. It’s that simple.

That’s what a chiropractor can help with.

They can release that stress in your body. They can help get children off ADHD and ADD medications, fix menstrual issues for women, help with acid reflux, and eliminate the need for blood pressure and anxiety medications.

Chiropractic therapy has the potential to change so many lives.

I have a patient, for example, that’s a school teacher. She has come off all of her blood pressure medications and lost 42 pounds in 42 days.

All of her friends are exhausted from work throughout the day, while she’s able to give 100 percent of her effort to a class full of third graders. She’s changing other lives after having her life changed from chiropractic therapy.

Moments like that inspire and remind me why I love doing what I do.

Home is where the heart is

That love and inspiration drove me towards fulfilling my dream of returning home and opening NOVO Chiropractic in Lincoln.

People always come back here after leaving because of that rare home feeling—the family, relationships, and love that we all share. You don’t always have those feelings in bigger cities with so many people fighting for themselves.

Here, we fight for each other.

When I look around, all I see are the faces of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers. My hope is to help them in the same way the chiropractor helped my father and grandfather all of those years ago. I want to show them how regular visits can change their lives in ways they may not have ever dreamt possible.

Everybody always asks me why I like Nebraska so much that I would open a chiropractic business here. And my answer is the same every single time.

“Because it’s home.”

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